Studies according to ISO 10993

FREY-TOX is examining medical devices and other medical products in accordance to the guidelines ISO 10993-5 (cytotoxicity), 10993-6 (implantation), 10993-10 (irritation and sensitization), 10993-11 (systemic toxicity) in consideration of the ISO guidelines 10993-1, 10993-2 and 10993-12. Moreover, USP <88> can be integrated into the study design as well. We examine medical devices of various surgical disciplines as well as wound treatment comprising absorbable and non-absorbable as well as synthetically, biological or combined products (e. g. orthopedic or dental metal implants, suture materials, haemostyptic devices, vascular stents, mesh materials, devices for adhesion prophylaxis, surgical glues, wound dressings and coverings).